SEPTEMBER 13-17, 2021

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AKF is fighting on all fronts

Preventing kidney disease

Preventing diabetic kidney disease

Diabetes and kidney disease

Managing kidney disease

How well do you know your kidneys?

Preparing for a kidney transplant

Myths and facts about clinical trials

Depression and kidney disease

Tips for talking with your social worker

Mental health tips for caregivers

Potassium-friendly cooking

Sodium and your kidneys

Fluid management and kidney disease

Kidney chat: Ask a social worker

Advice when starting dialysis

What to expect when starting dialysis

Gout and kidney disease

Fabry and kidney disease

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AKF resources

All about kidney disease

5 quick facts about kidney disease

COVID-19 vaccine and kidney disease

Talk to your doctor about prevention guide

Talk to your doctor about managing kidney disease guide

New to dialysis checklist

Unknown Causes of Kidney Disease Project Roadmap

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

Common PKD questions

Clinical trials myths vs. facts

Hyperkalemia conversation starter

Gout and kidney disease brochure

Lupus nephritis treatment team

Healthy eating resources: Kidney Kitchen

5 healthy drinks for people with kidney disease

Kidney-friendly eating tips

Post-transplant testing program

Become an AKF Ambassador

For more kidney disease resources, visit

Partner and sponsor resources

Otsuka Patient Education Network

ADPKD Questions

Unfiltered Kidney Conversations

Gout Revealed

GSK and Clinical Studies

Know Diabetes by Heart

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Fighting on All Fronts

AKF works on behalf of the 37 million Americans living with and at risk for kidney disease. From prevention to life after a transplant, AKF supports people wherever they are in their fight against kidney disease.

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