MARCH 20-24, 2023

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CKD 101

AKF - Diabetes and Kidney Disease Fact Sheet

AKF - Know Your Kidneys

AKF - Newly Diagnosed Chronic Kidney Disease

AKF - Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis and Symptoms

AKF - Slowing Down Kidney Disease

AKF - Chronic Kidney Disease

AKF - Kidney Failure (ESRD) - Symptoms, causes, and treatment options

AKF - Quick Kidney Disease Facts and Stats

Unknown Causes of Kidney Disease Project


AKF - How to Find a Living Donor

Donate Life

AKF - Living Donor Protection Report Card

AKF - Transplant waiting list

AKF - Life after transplant

UNOS Transplant Living

AKF - Pruritus (itchy skin)

AKF - Hemodialysis

AKF - Peritoneal Dialysis

AKF - Choosing a Hemodialysis Treatment Plan

AKF - Your Dialysis Care Team

AKF - Meet Your Treatment Team: Dialysis Social Worker

AKF -Meet Your Treatment Team: Nephrologist

AKF - Meet Your Treatment Team: Renal dietitian

Nutrition & Wellness

AKF - Healthy Eating & Activity

NIDDK Weight Management & Healthy Living Tips

AKF - Know Your Kidneys

AKF - Kidney Kitchen

AKF - Kidney-Friendly Eating Plan

AKF - Mental health and kidney disease

AKF - Depression in people living with kidney disease

The Cooking Doc

Patient Experience

AKF - Balancing Kidney Disease Teenage Perspective

AKF - Stages Kidney Disease Children

AKF - Effectiveness Seen in Decision Support Tool for Older Patients With CKD

AKF - Pregnancy and Kidney Disease

AKF - Living healthy after a transplant

AKF - Tell Congress: I'm a voter who cares about kidney issues!

AKF - Urge Congress to support the Living Donor Protection Act

AKF - Contact Your Lawmakers

AKF - State Factsheets and Issue Briefs

AKF - Kidney Health Coach

AKF - Know How to Prevent Kidney Disease

AKF - Kidney Disease Risk Factors

AKF - CKD Toolkit

AKF - Share Your Kidney Story

AKF - How to Ask for a Kidney Donation

AKF - Types of Living Donor Kidney Transplants

American Heart Association - Federal Priorities

AKF - Heart disease and chronic kidney disease (CKD)

AKF - Preparing for a Kidney Transplant



AKF - Patient Access Initiative

Multicultural Communities in Donation and Transplantation flyer

National MOTTEP

National Multicultural Action Group


AKF - Diversity in Clinical Trials

AKF- The Importance of Increasing Representation in Clinical Trials

AKF - Advantages and Disadvantages of Participating in Clinical Trials

Key Takeaway Resources

I Was Just Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease: What are My Next Steps?

Advancements in Medical Therapies for Diabetic Kidney Disease

Ask the Experts: Q&A with Nephrologists

Do You Know the Real Cause of Your Kidney Disease? Why It Is Important You Know and How to Find Out

How to Find a Living Donor

Itchy Skin (pruritus), Weight Gain, and Restless Leg Syndrome: Managing Common Side Effects of Dialysis

The Dialysis Care Team: Meet the Key Players in Your Healthcare

Maintaining Health and Eligibility for a Kidney Transplant

Ask the Expert: Q&A with Renal (Kidney) Dietitians

Eating Through the CKD Stages

Experiencing Grief with Kidney Disease

Integrating Exercise into Life with Kidney Disease

Health Inequities Through the Transplant and Donation Process

Clinical Trials: Why Your Participation Can lead to Advancements in Kidney Disease

Innovations in Kidney Disease Treatments

Upstream Solutions to Kidney Disease: Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Prevention and Management

Family Planning & Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease at Different Life Stages

How to Share Your Story to Find a Living Donor

How to Share Your Story for Policy Makers

How to Share Your Story to Promote Kidney Disease Awareness

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AKF works on behalf of the 37 million Americans living with and at risk for kidney disease. From prevention to life after a transplant, AKF supports people wherever they are in their fight against kidney disease.

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Live Cooking Class:

These live interactive workshops will bring together chefs and dietitians to prepare a renal-friendly dinner. The pairs will give step-by-step instructions on how to make the dish while answering questions from participants. (This session requires separate registration.)

Seared salmon with strawberry salsa, arugula salad, and vegetable turmeric rice recipe
Moderator: Kellsey Reed, RDN, LDN, CKD Nutrition LLC
Speaker: Alana E Hunnicutt, Klean Plate Catering LLC

Sweet and sour chicken with vegetable stir fry recipe
Moderator: Carolyn Feibig, MS, RD, LD, CCTD, Thoracic Transplant and Advanced Heart Failure Dietitian at INOVA Fairfax Hospital
Speaker: Jennifer Krasilovsky, RD, Community Dietician, Food and Friends

Plantain tofu cups recipe
Moderator: Janelle E. Gonyea, RDN, LD, FNKF, Clinical Dietician
Speaker: Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes, MS, RDN, CDCES, LDN, CPT, 360Girls&Women®LLC

Live share your story workshop:

Have you ever wanted to publicly share your journey with kidney disease, but were unsure of the next steps? Get your pen and paper ready and sign up in advance for this live workshop! You will have the opportunity to join one of three Zoom breakout rooms: sharing your story to find a living kidney donor, sharing your story for policy makers, and sharing your story to promote kidney disease awareness. In each breakout room, you will hear from seasoned instructors and learn about different methods for sharing your story and how to tailor it for different audiences. You will also be able to practice drafting your story, receive feedback from your instructor, as well as a helpful tip sheet for sharing your story. (This session requires separate registration.)

How to Share Your Story to Find a Living Donor
Speaker: Leigh Ann Saylor, Founder and Executive Director, Mulligans Living Kidney Donors

How to Share Your Story for Policy Makers
Speaker: Ben Shlesinger, Associate Director of Government Relations, American Kidney Fund

How to Share Your Story to Promote Kidney Disease Awareness
Speaker: Tamara Walker, American Kidney Fund Ambassador and Kidney Health Coach